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Coaching Corner Newsletter

WUSD Academic Year 2022-2023
Welcome back to school! We are excited to see you back here for another outstanding new year! Check back in for weekly updates to our Coaching Corner Newsletter. 
Weeks of August 1-12:
Aug. 8: 1st day of school
Aug. 12: 1st Early Release Day (12:25)
MAP Testing Aug. 15-19
Bonnie Brennan:
Aug. 8: 1st day of school, Drop off 7:45-8:10AM, 2:30 Dismissal (2:35 Busses)
August 9-MAP Reading Test
August 10-MAP Math Test
August 11-MAP Language Test
Aug. 12- 1st Early Release Day (12:30)
Aug. 8: 1st day of school
Aug. 12: 1st Early Release Day (12:15)
MAP Testing Aug. 15-19
Aug. 8: 1st day of school, 8:30AM Start, 8:15--Arrive early for free breakfast!
August 8th Football and Softball start
Aug. 12: 1st Early Release Day (1:20)
MAP Testing Aug. 15-19
Aug. 8: 1st day of school
Aug. 10-12: MAP Testing
Aug. 12: 1st Early Release Day (12:30-Intervention; 1:20 Release)
The Quality Classroom

Creating a learning environment that is centered around student achievement starts with the basics:

  • Seating Chart for each class period starting the first day. Adjustments can be made as necessary. 
  • Discipline Plan consists of behavior expectations and consequences. Should be visible to students.
  • Classroom Procedures are how students do things in the classroom. It is helpful to rehearse these early and often throughout the year to establish routines.
  • Daily Agenda is visible and user friendly.
  • Set Activity (sometimes called Bell Work) starts immediately when students come into class. Students have something to do right away.
  • Sign In/Out Log to keep track of students to keep them safe. Only one person out of the classroom at a time is a best practice.
Welcome New Teachers!
For July's "Teacher Spotlight," we'd like to welcome all teachers joining us new to the district this year. We know that this is both a challenging and exciting time. The Academic Coaching team is eager to begin working with you, so we'll be reaching out to you and popping in your classrooms as classes get under way. Special shout out to all those in their very first year. WUSD is proud to have you! Here are 10 Tips for "Surviving and Thriving" your first year! Check out Elena Aguilar's blog below for more.
10 TIPS for Surviving and Thriving Your First Year Teaching 
1. Build Community 
2. Find Hopeful, Positive Mentors
3. Ask for Help and Demand Good Professional Development
4. Observe Other Teachers
5. Do Home Visits
6. Write Down Your Vision for Yourself as a Teacher
7. Don't Neglect Your Body
8. Do Something Non-Teaching Related
9. Catalogue Every Single Success in the Classroom
10. Take a Day Off
  • The idea that our brain (neuro) can be molded (like plastic)
  • What we focus on and how we discipline our thoughts and attitudes encourages brain growth in those areas 
  • New neural pathways are made
Fixed v. Growth Mindset
Fixed Mindset
~Intelligence is fixed 
~Angered or discouraged by criticism
~Valuing the end result
~A desire for approval
Growth Mindset
~Intelligence can change
~Active and responsive to criticism
~Valuing the process
~Satisfaction from the growth along the journey
~An opportunity to learn from your mistakes

Check out this video!
~Simon Sinek on Creating a Circle of Safety