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Academic Coaching Support

How can an Academic Coach support YOU in the classroom?

The role of an academic coach simply stated is to support teachers.  Our number one focus is to enhance instruction for the purpose of improving student learning. Want to know more about how a coach can help you in your classroom? Read on!

Lesson Planning

Whether you are using Beyond Textbooks or another curriculum calendar, we know that the task of planning lessons and navigating curriculum pacing is daunting.  Whether on an individual basis or alongside your PLC team, let a coach help you with this process.  Are you stuck on how to hook your students with a particular lesson?  Not quite sure how to approach an upcoming standard?  The academic coach team can also help you create that perfect lesson plan.  


Classroom Instruction

The key to classroom success is student engagement.  The approaches, strategies, and techniques you use with students have a direct impact on whether students are engaged or off task in your classroom.   Whether it is a reading strategy that you are in need of or a participation strategy, we can help you discover ways to increase student engagement each and every day.




Assessment can be a source of stress for teachers.  Learn how quality assessment practices will help guide your instruction and encourage your students to become self led in monitoring their own progress.  It can be done.  We have a variety of resources to enhance both formative and summative assessment in your classroom.


Reflection on Teaching

One of the best ways to improve your professional capacity is to receive feedback and openly discuss questions and concerns you have.  A coach is a great person to reflect with, as they are partnered with you to be successful this school year.