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Jake's Law

Jake’s Law and The Children’s Behavioral Health Services Fund

In 2020, the Arizona State Legislature passed Jake’s Law which allocated $8 million for behavioral health services for students who are underinsured or uninsured.  This special allocation of one-time state funding, known as the Children’s Behavioral Health Services fund allows schools to refer students for Behavioral Health services for anxiety, depression, social isolation, stress, behavioral issues, or any other mental health concern. Families will not receive a bill for these services; they are covered by tax dollars.


Jake’s Law requires that schools must develop a policy to refer students for behavioral health services, and to allow families to opt-in or opt-out of the referral process each year. Additional Jake’s Law requirements for schools are outlined in ARS 36-3436.01. The Arizona School Board Association has created a policy that schools can use to create their own district policy.


Behavioral health services under this funding are provided to students by participating health care providers contracted with the three Regional Behavioral Health Authorities (RBHAs), Mercy Care (in Central Arizona), Arizona Complete Health Complete Care (in Southern Arizona), and Care 1st (in Northern Arizona). See this flyer for a list of contracted providers with each RBHA, or see the chart below. AHCCCS registered providers not listed may be able to work with the RBHA in their area to become a recognized provider with