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Open Enrollment Guidelines 


Open Enrollment Guidelines

Winslow USD#1 schools accept open enrollment students (students living outside the district) provided there is capacity and an open enrollment application has been completed. For the best possibility of your child's acceptance as an open enrollment student the application must be submitted to the district by the May 15th deadline. Late applications will not be processed until the start of school and only then if further enrollment capacity remains. Please contact your child's potential school if you have any questions.

The application can be downloaded by clicking this link



              The Winslow Unified School District No. 1 (the “District”) has recently adopted changes to the District’s open enrollment policy and procedures that impact students with disabilities.  The District will now consider whether it has the resources or excess capacity to provide the disability related services needed by an individual student based on the District’s availability of speech therapists, occupational therapists, or other specialists who provide services to special education students.  These changes now incorporate separate capacity determinations for the general inclusion classrooms, the special needs classrooms, and special needs programs.  Should an open enrollment applicant be identified as requiring special services, the District will now match those individual needs to the capacity determinations outlined above to determine if the District has the capacity to accept that particular applicant.  In the past the District determined capacity for special needs students by setting a percentage of each grade level as the maximum capacity available to special needs open enrollment students. 

             In light of this change, the District would like to invite all qualified students to apply for open enrollment with the District for the 2023-2024 school year and each subsequent school year.  Please be advised that any new open enrollment applications will still be subject to the District’s newly adopted capacity limitations, and that there can be no guarantee that any open enrollment applicant will be accepted.

             The District looks forward to receiving any open enrollment applications and working with those applicants during the application process.  Application materials are available in the District Offices, and can be sent to potential applicants via fax, email, or letter by contacting the school superintendent by telephone at 928-288-8101.