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WinslowUnified School District #1

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Schools Will Reopen on Wednesday, May 2nd

Tuesday, May 1, 2018 10:30 am

Hello Winslow Community!

We are going to reopen our schools on Wednesday, May 2nd.  We are able to provide safe operations of our school although we will be using a mixture of employees to do so, as we still have many teachers out for the #REDfor#ED Walkout.  We will be teaching, though it may not look exactly like a regular day. 

We will NOT be having Early Release/Late Start tomorrow OR for the rest of the school year.  During the last week of school, the high school and junior high will be using the current “Finals” schedule.

Many questions are floating around regarding students having to make up the missed 4 days.  Our goal is to meet the required number of instructional hours required by Arizona law.  Our hours are calculated and with the cushion of canceling the Early Releases and Late Starts, students will NOT have to come back after the existing last day of school.  Graduation will remain the same. 

Staff on the other hand, will be making up the 4 days.  They will be working until Wednesday, June 6, 2018.

We are asking that community members, students, employees, continue to wear #REDforED to show continued support for the movement.  We hope we can cheer when good news is announced!

Thanks so much for the amazing support that’s been given to us!

Cyndie Mattox