Update as of 03/23/2020

March 23, 2020



Hello Families and Friends of Winslow Unified School District,


As we begin this unknown journey, we want you to know that we are doing everything we can to make sure our students are safe, fed, and have access to educational opportunities.


It is March, the beginning of the 4th quarter.  Most of our standards have been taught due to state testing that would have been beginning next week.  (It has been cancelled due to COVID-19) That being said, most teachers would have been reviewing material at this point to prepare for those tests.  After testing is completed, they move forward and teach units that don’t necessarily align to the current level standards but promote teamwork, incorporate broad new interests, or maybe use higher level of standards that would enrich the lessons, etc.


Our plan to get educational information to students is:

  1. To post a list of on-line materials or activities by grade level or course on our website and FaceBook by this Friday, March 27.2020. 
  2. Next week begin delivering hard copy packets to the breakfast and lunch locations via our Food service people. 
  3. If you live on the reservation, you will have to come in to town to pick up the packets as listed in #2.  The reservation is closed and we won’t be sending staff out.


We will continue to keep families updated on any changes that may arise as it seems to do with this outbreak.  Check back often.


All schools and offices will be closed for the duration.  We will be checking our email and our voice mails in order to conduct essential business. 


Hang in there everyone and stay safe!